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Adam Kirby Wrasse Fishing
‘Hard Rock Fishing | HRF’ is the dedicated HRF blog of Adam Kirby.

Here’s what Adam has to say.

“I’ve been sea fishing along the South Coast of England for over thirty years now, from boat and shore. After getting bitten by the lure fishing bug in 2001 whilst travelling around Australia, I found myself doing more and more lure fishing back home, and less with bait. I guess I’ve considered myself as predominantly a lure angler for the last ten years or so, trying out many branches of the sport in both salt and freshwater.

One of the many lure angling avenues I’ve ventured down, and perhaps my favourite of all is lure fishing for wrasse with HRF techniques. HRF was an obvious expansion from LRF (Light Rock Fishing) once we discovered where the bigger wrasse were located. I’m fascinated by Ballan Wrasse and their behaviour. Especially as a lot of my own experience seems to conflict with what I have read about Ballan Wrasse over the past three decades. To some extent, it feels like we are pioneers. They are such an underrated sport-fish. And from my perspective, one-hundred-percent a predator. Such a beautiful one as well.

The techniques and tackle we use to target Ballan Wrasse seem to expand every year. I find each season as exciting as the last. So I created this website to share my experiences with fishing HRF methods and document some of the fish we encounter. I hope it inspires you to try this exciting branch of lure fishing and I hope to increase your appreciation and respect in one of our most spectacular looking fish found around our coastline. Tight lines everyone.”