Jika Rig For Wrasse

The Jika rig is a weedless, bottom-contact method for fishing heavy cover. Consequently it is a very suitable rig for targeting Ballan Wrasse.

The Jika rig is a great choice when you are forced to over-weight your lure due to the depth of water, tidal flow and/or high winds. Ordinarily, a heavy weight would have a negative impact on hook-up rate with wrasse, due to their non-protrusible mouths. But such is the level of articulation in the Jika rig that wrasse can still engulf the lure without being completely hindered by the weight. This same articulation can generate an interesting action to your lure. Especially floating lures like the hi-float Megabass Bumpee Hog pictured here. Also, with a heavy weight and an almost direct connection to your leader, the Jika rig offers an almost unbeatable amount of feedback. You can really feel your way through and around bottom structure, adding to your confidence and limiting snags. Lastly, in a long list of positive attributes, the Jika rig is compact and casts well.

Hopefully this helps you decide when to choose the Jika rig for wrasse.