Tict Grouper Game
Tict UV Offset Hooks
Japanese lure systems get me hard. When Tict launched their Grouper Game range I got quite excited.

In a system that includes lures, weights, hooks and even rods, it sounds crazy to say that the hooks are the stand-out item. But even today, a few years on, the Grouper Game Off Set Hook G2 still feels like one of the most innovative hooks that I’ve ever used. The G2 was the first offset hook I used with an integrated solid ring and instantly I saw the benefits in my catch rates. The extra articulation definitely improves upon the classic Texas rig. Of course, the solid ring of the G2 fits perfectly into the recess in the system’s matching Bottom Cop Light brass cone weights. But I’ve not finished with the hooks. The G2 Off Set Hooks feature a stopper material on the off-set bend which offers resistance to your soft plastic, keeping it in position. However, maybe the most unexpected feature of the G2 is the ‘Keimura’ coating. What does that mean? It means these hooks are UV reactive! Which may it seems, prove attractive to certain rockfish fish species. As you can see, it’s an incredibly feature-rich offset hook.

The soft plastic creature baits are called Paddle Or Claw, and their shape is somewhere between a beaver tail and a crayfish – hence the name. They measure 2.8 inches and are beautifully made. Some colours feature glow material, while others are UV reactive. The tip (head end) of each lure features a core of different material. The property of this core is to improve durability and stop the lure from slipping on the hook, increasing the time the lure is fishing effectively.

So there you have it. There is a lot to like with Tict’s Grouper Game system and it has proved successful for bigger wrasse here in the UK.

Tict Grouper Game Paddle or Claw