Red Head Fishing Lure

Commenced darting method for the wrasse, finally. Feel like I’ve been chasing my tail all year due to various non-fishing reasons but finally managed to capitalise on a cast-iron-forecast and get out consecutive days on the boat for some Autumn darting sessions. Although in reality it felt more like the summer that we never had.

I came back from Japan in February with an absolute ton of new darting lures. Darting method really is a big deal in Japan. But I’ve hardly dented my haul until now. I bought some really cool colours in the AquaWave Spark Slim range and a load of different lures from darting specialist, Ounce Tackle Design. You’ll see much more from them on this website, I’m sure. Plus many more that I’ll share as I start to try them out.

If you’d like to know more about this technique, check out Autumn Darting For Wrasse