Reins BM Rock Lure
New for 2015. I was super-stoked to see a proper rockfishing lure enter the range of Reins lures offered by FTF, this year. A collaboration with Deps no less. Behold, the Reins BM Rock creature!

One of those lures that doesn’t stand out until you run it through its paces. I love to fish for wrasse with a super slow retrieve across the top of standing weed. Some lures need a good retrieve rate to ‘come alive’ which is too fast for this method – but not the BM Rock. Those big arms pulse relentlessly at any speed. Once it’s swimming it actually looks like a fairly substantial prey item. A decent snack for any Ballan.

However, the great thing is the BM isn’t a bulky lure. The body is actually pretty slim and that means awesome hooking power when fishing a weedless configuration. If you’re like me and enjoy catching fish of all sizes, this is great, as you could fish a much smaller offset and still get a good hookup rate. Bigger lures can suffer with filling too much of the gape and masking the hook point. With a good hook recess on the top, making it easy to fish weedless without ‘skinning’, this is a tidy package.

Sure to become one of my favourites. Just need to source some more colours. Colour featured here is Baitfish SP.