Lulworth Ballan Wrasse

What an incredible day down on the Purbecks, fishing among the fossils. Finally got to survey a stretch of coast I’ve wanted to fish for a number of years now. I definitely won’t leave it as long next time. The area around Lulworth, in Dorset is wrasse heaven.

Fished 2 miles of prime rocky shoreline and back again. Not for the faint-hearted in places. So beware.

I should caveat that this was definitely not LRF, but an extension of the skills and techniques. My weapon of choice on the day was actually a rod rated to 28g – the appropriately named Tiro Monster Rockfish by GraphiteLeader. Big guns for big fish was the thinking! In this savage, tackle-hungry environment I kept it simple with a Texas rig, but I played around with lure choice and generally had fun. I don’t get to fish like this all too often.

Had some terrific Ballan Wrasse, topped by a fish that certainly would have rattled my PB – if I’d been clever enough to take scales. D’oh. Definitely a monster rockfish – look at those lips!

Memorable lures from the day include; 4-inch Sawamura One Up Shad, 4-inch Keitech Easy Shiner, 4.5-inch Izumi Pin Tail & Reins BM Rock